Burner runners teaming up to help a younger runner scale the large wall obstacle

Volunteer At The Burner

Come race day, when waves of participants are throwing themselves at our walls and pits, we need to make sure they're still safe. We need to make sure they know which way to go. We need to make sure they get in the door to start this adventure and to be part of their celebration at the end of the day. There will be many different places to volunteer during The Burner, from the front gate to spots all across the course.


We have opportunities for your entire organization to be involved. Want to be unsung heroes? Sign up to volunteer as a group. Want some sweet, sweet recognition? Register as a sponsor of The Burner.

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Volunteer information will be available after scheduling and event information for our next run is available.
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Participating in an event like the burner involves accepting a certain level of inherent risk.

While we are doing everything possible in our preparations to minimize the danger, we also ask that all of our participants accept and acknowledge the risk involved.
Participant Release (PDF)
Volunteer Release (PDF)
Spectator Release (PDF)
Many common questions are addressed in our FAQs page and location information is also available.

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