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F.A.Q.s & Documents

This page lists some of our more frequently asked questions. If you don't find an answer to yours already posted, please contact us at info@theburner.us or 330-534-7653.

We've created a vigorous obstacle challenge of miles and trials on a race to your personal victory!

There will be mud! there will be walls! there will be pitfalls!

The Burner is a 7 mile obstacle race plus a 3 mile beginner loop, mud run and physical challenge taking place in Hubbard, Ohio at Big Game Raceway on August 20, 2016! We believe that perseverance, teamwork and helping the runner next to you is more important than 1st place. Since 2013, we have brought the toughest 7 mile obstacle course & mud run possible to Northeast Ohio and are back this year with new obstacles, new mud, and new challenges.

We want an event that provides challenge not because of a mile number, but for everything you go through in between mile one and mile done!

We want a race to leave you battered, worn and dirty!

That's The Burner.

See some of the obstacles we have faced in previous challenges on our obstacles page and Sign Up now for the August 20, 2016 Race. New for 2015 was a 3 Mile 5k loop for those who want the challenge of our obstacles and our mud without the extra running. New in 2016 is the addition of an elite class of runners with cash prizes and awards.

1) What is The Burner?

The Burner is a 7 mile run and obstacle course. New in 2015 was an additional 3 mile beginner loop. New in 2016 is an elite wave with prize payout and additional awards. Many of our obstacles will be military style and will push you to the limits of your strength and determination.

Why a 3 Mile option?

We pride ourselves on building a challenging course for our loyal fans. We believe every one can complete the Burner in it's full size, but some times our friends don't realize what they're capable of or they're new to the obstacle running world. And our "Ohio's toughest 7 miles" marketing is geared toward our dedicated followers. We want all of our friends, including those who haven't joined us before, to find out all about the fun of doing The Burner alongside us.

Why an Elite Class?

Similar to many of our friends wanting an experience for newer obstacle runners, many of our highly experienced participants have been asking for a "money class" or some way to show off their achievement more than is offered by our standard run. So we're debuting our Elite class in both under 40 and over 40 varieties in 2016.

2) When is The Burner?

The next Burner event will be on August 20, 2016! Doors open at 8:00am and the earliest runners will start at 9:30am.
We are using a wave structure to send out challengers. This will help with congestion at the different obstacles on the course.
The waves for our race will take off at 9:30am, 10:00am, 10:30am, 11:00am, 11:30am, 12:00pm, and 12:30pm
The elite wave will be the 9:30 wave.

3) Who is Winger Productions, LLC?

Winger Productions LLC is a For Profit Limited Liability Corporation and the hosting company for The Burner.

The Burner 2013 is the first event from Winger Productions LLC and was imagined to honor the son and brother that was have lost to cancer.

On January 29th, 2012 Jim "Jimmy" Marucci became one of 1500 people in America diagnosed with cancer on a daily basis. He was found in congestive heart failure at 29 and a closer look revealed a blood clot caused by Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma B. Jimmy remained his sweet, happy-go-lucky self, reassuring everyone that this was his journey. On September 24th, we lost Jimmy. He was less than two months shy of his 30th birthday and became one of over 550,000 who died from cancer that year.

4) Why The Burner?

Because it's awesome and because you're awesome.

The Burner 2013 was the first event from Winger Productions LLC and was imagined to honor the son and brother that we have lost to cancer.

Because we want to make a difference in our community.

A portion of proceeds from The Burner have gone to Akron Children's Hospital to help defer costs to families dealing with cancer and other illness. We hope to be a catalyst in this community, to help make a difference.

5) Equipment & Clothing: What should I wear?

Wear shoes. But wait. Don't wear new shoes that will probably get destroyed.
Wear a Costume. As long as your outfit or props don't endanger people then the crazier the better. We plan to have prizes for best costume and best group costumes.
Do NOT wear spikes or cleats. They endanger your fellow challengers and frankly, won't help you. We check everyone at the start of a wave.
As long as everything that legally needs to be covered is covered, we're happy to have you.

6) Can we run The Burner as a team?

When registering you may select to join as a team. Not all team members need to register at once to be on that team. When the first team member registers they can establish a team name and save it. After that everyone else can just select that team from a drop down menu.
However, if 5 or more people sign up at the same time then your group can purchase the tickets in one block at a discounted group rate.

7) What does my Pre-registration include?

The cost of registration gives you the right to participate in The Burner obstacle challenge and upon crossing the finish line you'll recieve a new (clean) t-shirt, Burner headband, set of dog tags, and a free beer to show off how awesome you are at climbing things and falling in mud like a grownup. Other inclusions will vary per event (and be announced for each one).

8) Is there a phone number or email where I can contact the organizer with any questions?

9) What is your refund policy?

All Registrations are nonrefundable. The Burner will take place rain or shine and in the event of any natural or man made emergency that stops the event from proceeding no refunds will be issued. Registration CAN be transfered.

10) Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

All participants must show valid ID at the event confirming that they are at least 18 years of age at the time of the event.

Age Requirements

The Burner is being expanded to allow Underage participants from 12-18. Both options require an extra consent form for parent/gaurdian permission that will be released along with the standard consents for our 18+ runners.
We are providing the option for you to run the course as normal as long as it is done so with expressed consent from a parent/guardian. We may require a parent/guardian to be on course with you at all times.

11) Do I need to print out and bring a ticket to get in?

Please print your ticket and bring it to the registration desk at the event entrance on the day of The Burner. Only registered participants will be allowed to race. Failing to bring your ticket will require purchasing a second registration at the event entrance. Our ticketing partner also offers paperless options for bringing your ticket. Check out the Eventbrite Apps available on most smart phones.

12) Will you be selling tickets at the door?

YES. You must bring valid ID, pay your registration fees and sign all applicable waivers at the entrance and registration area to the event.

14) Who are your sponsors?

Sponsorship is still growing as we prepare for the event and sponsorship opportunities are available on our sponsor page.

15) Is the venue handicap accessible?

The venue will be handicap accessible. Participation requires a person to assert that they are physically and mentally able to undertake these challenges. This decision should be made by the participant and their physician and due to the nature of the challenge, may limit some individuals from participating.

16) Are group tickets for sale, or a discounted rate for groups?

A group rate is available when creating/joining a team. For larger groups (15+) contact us .

17) Where is the event taking place?

The event will take place on the grounds of Big Game Raceway in Hubbard, Oh.
Directions are available here.
2199 Hubbard Masury Rd
Hubbard, OH 44425

18) Do I have to sign a waiver?

Every entering The Burner will have to sign a release form. There are different forms for spectators and runners. All forms must be completed and brought to the entry gate at the event.


Participating in an event like the burner involves accepting a certain level of inherent risk.

While we are doing everything possible in our preparations to minimize the danger, we also ask that all of our participants accept and acknowledge the risk involved.
Participant Release (PDF)
Volunteer Release (PDF)
Spectator Release (PDF)

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